Vroom Vroom


The Vroom Vroom Room offers a unique retail experience for Diecast Enthusiast by providing Popular Diecast Models.

Sara was in her room playing, as a 6 year old girl should.  As I got closer to her room you could here him making the sound of a car engine.  As I entered her room you could make out the vroom vroom and the sound of screeching of the car stopping.  Seeing this brings back the memory of the cars I liked and still do like to this day.  Thats when the idea hit me to create this experience for other and that is what er do here.  With our collection if highly detailed model cars, the opportunity to get your hands on some, becomes possible.  Just to name a few models we have popular movie models and figures, models that range all the way back to the late 1800's. 



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